Who We Are

The primary goal of DIDAS is to establish and promote Switzerland as a leading ecosystem in the development and introduction of technologies, services and products for the protection of privacy that preserve and use digital identity and electronically verifiable data.

Key Facts at a Glance


The vision of DIDAS (Digital Identity and Data Sovereignty Association) is to enable the digital future in a wide range of industries and use cases where individuals, businesses, professionals, government agencies, communities and even connected devices are able to easily exchange identity and related proprietary data electronically while preserving data ownership and privacy.

Our Logo

Our logo is modelled on the traditional Swiss hand gesture from the year 1291, still used today for voting at the “Landsgemeinde”, for admission to a public office and other official occasions, the so called Rütlischwur. It reflects our commitment to serve the good of the Swiss Federation and adhere to the key values of Switzerland – independence, openness, pursuit of togetherness while respecting differences.


DIDAS is a non-profit organization based in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. Our multi-stakeholder ecosystem is funded by the passionate and financial support of our members, experts and partners. We have enshrined in our principles to be sustainably funded by economically independent organizations. We are a neutral group of companies, experts, individuals, policy makers and researchers to create foundations for the digitization of everyday processes and interactions in Switzerland based on the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity and the corresponding new standards and technologies.

You can read our Articles of Association here (German).

Organised to create meaningful impact, our experienced board volunteers 100% and our member-driven working groups are aligned with sectoral needs and horizontal focus areas to scaling best practices.

Who can become a member?

Private individuals, businesses, NGOs and government agencies and educational institutions based in Switzerland, sharing our vision and passion for building an SSI ecosystem for Switzerland. Please use the form on Get Involved page to get in touch. We’ll review your message and guide you through the onboarding process.

Our partners

We are always looking for partners who want to help us discover new ideas in the SSI space, develop prototypes and support our cause. We strive to maintain working relationships with the other international and Swiss organisations working on use-cases, standards and technologies for Digital Identity, Verifiable Credentials and Data Privacy.

Please reach out to us via Get Involved form, if you believe we should work together, we are open to new ideas!

Team & Board

Please meet our current Board Members. The Board is elected by the General Assembly for the period of 2 years and the position of the Board President rotates every year. Do you want to help us drive the mission ? Then become a member and apply for a board position at the next election cycle!

Daniel Säuberli
Daniel SäuberliPresident
Tim Weingärtner
Tim WeingärtnerVice President
Vasily Suvorov
Vasily SuvorovBoD Member
Diego Benz
Diego BenzBoD Member
Marco Dutsch
Marco DutschBoD Member
Prof. Ursula Sury
Prof. Ursula SuryBoD Member