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Please review our Articles of Association: link.

We structure our activities through the various Working Groups that allow participants to learn from each other and contribute to the topics that they are most passionate about.
Each of the Working Groups has a Charter, selects their Leaderships and defines their Roadmap and Deliverables.

We’ll soon allow you to apply and join DIDAS through your preferred identity wallet and we’ll issue a membership credential, once you are accepted.

Currently we have the following Working Groups. Please join us to contribute!

The purpose of the working group is to create a visually appealing SSI Landscape that drives common understanding for an interested Multi-Stakeholder audience. It will be facilitating the mapping of use-cases alongside e.g. the business&sector, functional, legal, authority & governance, as well as the respective Technology angles of the SSI topic. It will be kept up to date by the working group as the topic further develops. The working group will also evaluate the value to write a White Paper with student support (a potential diploma thesis can be written off it).

We want to address the topic of sharing company and personal data with various service providers.

Opening accounts, setting up suppliers, getting insurance and so on, requires us to share verifiable personal and business information. SSI potentially allows us to solve many of the issues – technical, privacy and legal that are associated with that process.
The WG is aiming to explore Onboarding Use-Cases in B2B and  B2C settings. The team looks at Fintech, Insurtech, Medtech, Legaltech  and Govtech areas in order to build ecosystem of Verifiable Credential Issuers and Verifiers.
We’ll carefully explore business, technical and legal implications and identify solutions, best-practices and advocate for change in legislation, where it is most needed.

We strongly believe in the Network Effect that SSI allows to create.

Verifiable Credentials from one industry or an ecosystem can help to enable a new Use-Case in a seemingly different area.

The WG aims to connect companies and experts that are building SSI solutions today and help them discover and re-use Identities and Verifiable Credentials that are already available or only being built.
Just discovering the power of SSI and Verifiable Credentials? No problem, join this group if you believe you can publish or consume identity or business data and look for partners that can extend or  help to build your ecosystem.

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