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DIDAS is built by the members for the members!

Please review our Articles of Association: link.

We structure our activities through the various Working Groups that allow participants to learn from each other and contribute to the topics that they are most passionate about.
Each of the Working Groups has a Charter, selects their Leaderships and defines their Roadmap and Deliverables.

Currently we have the following vertically focused Working Groups.

Former details please visit our Working Group detail page.

DIDAS engagement with public sector agencies on all matters related to government credentials and other SSI related aspects  

Educational Credentials at our fingertips: secure, trustworthy, verifiable and self-sovereign 

DIDAS engagement with finance sector companies, organizations, and regulatory agencies on all matters related to decentralized identity and digitally verifiable credentials  

Paradigm shift in patient-centered healthcare by integrating services using verifiable credentials and secure wallet data storage.

That are supported by the following horizontal working groups

  • Cross Industry Best Practices for generic Use Cases in the sense of  “community of practice” ​
  • Connection to international initiatives and experts (not reinventing the wheel)​​
  • Publishing of cross industry tools, methods, processes ​
    • Example: VC Catalog ​
    • ​Focus: hands-on approach / how do we solve problems ​

The Governance Working Group develops and documents the legal framework for a functioning SSI ecosystem. 

Technology Landscape and Architecture, Sandboxes , Tech Standards, Security, Interoperability 

Please join us to contribute!

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