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Verifiable credentials for healthcare professionals


March 9, 2022


We have already reported that ambition level 3 obviously goes beyond the creation of the e-ID and aims to build an ecosystem of domain-ecosystems in which a variety of credentials can be exchanged and provided securely in addition to the e-ID.

In his presentation, one of our experts, Urs Fischer from HIN, explains in detail which challenges the SSI approach can help to address in the healthcare field. A special attention is made on the use-cases and challenges for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

The report therefore emphasises both the advantages of Ambition Level 3 as well as the reasons why the future ecosystem of the digital credentials in Switzerland should be based on on interplay of multiple sectors.

The presentation was held as part of online meetings of the discussion platform on the subject of e-ID and digital trust infrastructure and is available on Github and on our website (German only)