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Community im Gespräch: Establishing Self Sovereign Identity Community and Ecosystem in Switzerland


October 29, 2020


Thanks to our partner, Lucern’s University of  Applied Sciences, we were able to present our newly-born association to a diverse group of experts, students and researchers.

The session was kicked-off by our President Ursula Sury, who presented the goals of the series of seminars  called “Community in Gespräch” or “Community in Conversation”.

These events pursue the goal of making sure that various strategic topics around Digital Transformation will be discussed and reflected upon. Each event has the goal to grow the interest and inspire discussion between experts coming from various professional backgrounds. The participants are encouraged to take the ideas promoted by the seminars further and turn them in to projects.

Our presentation allowed the participants to learn about the key concepts of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), the emerging standards and key technologies, understand the importance of Governance for adoption of SSI.

We’ve also outlined the key goals of DIDAS – Digital Identity and Date Sovereignty Association, our upcoming programs and ideas on how to leverage global standards and local governance to  build a functional SSI ecosystem in Switzerland.

We are very happy that the event was well attended and resulted in a good discussion on the meaning of SSI, how it’s different from other approaches.

The slides used for the presentation are here.